Who We Are

Our corporate office is located in Sioux Falls, SD.

We saw a need and we decided to fulfill it, bringing fresh fruit straight to you!

Our Mission and Goal

Our mission is to bring fresh fruit from the orchard to your family, year round!

Every month, we will bring a new, fresh fruit to a town near you. This fruit comes straight from the orchard.  So, no middle man called the grocery store! Because of this, we can keep costs low! Everybody likes that!

How It Works

There is no membership required to enjoy the fresh fruit we bring you! And you do not have to commit to buying every month.  You choose what fruit you want.
To place an order for our available farm fresh fruit, please fill out the order form.

Stay Informed

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**Because we are dealing with FRESH fruit, our delivery schedule is subject to the weather and the ripeness and availability of the fruit.  While we strive to deliver on our estimated delivery date, we also want to bring you the freshest fruit we can, and sometimes that means waiting a little while than planned to receive it! Our prices are subject to change because of acts of God, availability of fruit, and transportation. Check our Delivery Schedule for updates!