Please remember that we are dealing with fresh fruit and Mother Nature, so our delivery schedule is subject to change! 

**Because we are dealing with FRESH fruit, our delivery schedule and fruit options are subject to change, due to weather, ripeness, and availability of fruit. While we strive to deliver on our estimated delivery date, we also want to bring you the freshest fruit we can, and sometimes that means waiting a little while longer than planned to receive it! 

Please click below to see the full delivery schedule for that fruit.

Please stay updated to possible changes using our facebook page and website. By reserving your fruit, you will get delivery notifications via email, text/call. This is VERY important for delays or postponements that are out of our control. Please make sure you enter your correct contact information for any day of the week! If you are on Call Em All's Do Not Call list you will not receive a call or text. If you are on the Mail Chimp unsubcribe list, you may not receive an email.  Have a great day!! :)