Fruits available for August: Michigan Blueberries, Washington Peaches, Washington Nectarines. 

Michigan blueberries are available BY RESERVATION ONLY!  Great for smoothies, desserts, or just plain eating fresh! Blueberries help improve memory! Buy extra to freeze! RESERVATION DEADLINE FOR MI BLUEBERRIES IS JULY 29th, 11:59PM. Deliveries are early August. 

Incredibily juicy and straight from the orchards of Washington you will fall in love with our Nectarines and Peaches!  While they are wonderful eaten fresh, they can also be poached, grilled, made into jam, and even added to your favorite dessert! They are also wonderful canned or frozen for later use. Nectarines are a peach-like fruit but without the fuzz; they have a recessive gene that makes them a little sweeter and with a smooth, fuzzless skin. Reserve yours today!

*Because we are dealing with FRESH fruit, our delivery schedule is subject to the weather, ripeness, and availability of the fruit. While we strive to deliver on our estimated delivery date, we also want to bring you the freshest fruit we can, and sometimes that means waiting a little while longer than planned to receive it!

We reserve the right to update this information as deemed necessary. Prices may be subject to change based on availability and demand. Crops differ from season to season depending on Mother Nature.

Sales tax will be added to purchases in SD, IL, MO.  We accept debit, credit, check, exact cash. 

Washington Peaches (August)

Washington Nectarines (August)