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Please note that Dec fruits and Jan fruits will all come on the same truck. Truck delivery schedule is here:​

Scroll Down to Reserve. January means huge variety with some exciting new additions.

Reserve your order of the following:

-We’re excited to add the Scrumpti Mandarin to The Fruit Club line up. approx 10lb $30

It’s our newest citrus sensation.

Explosive honey-sweet citrus goodness in each juicy fun size fruit

This mandarin variety is a sure hit worth waiting for the midwinter harvest. Grab and go, peel and smile with this bright little ball of California sunshine.

-Back on the schedule is our California Extra Sweet Navel Oranges 25lb box just $25.00

-California Juicy Grapefruit, two varieties, one box. Melogold & Oroblanco Grapefruit variety box approx 20lb $25

-California Honeybell Oranges. Considered the absolute pinnacle of citrus perfection. Everyone should experience a Honeybell Orange at least once.  approx 20lb $40

-The Ultimate Citrus Selection*. California Mixed Citrus Best Seller approx 20lb $40

    *Incudes Scrumtpi Mandarins, California oranges, two grapefruit varieties, Cara Cara oranges, California lemons


Organic fans rejoice! We have your Fruit

-Sweet and juicy Organic Texas Oranges approx 10lb $25

-Farm Fresh Organic Ruby Red Texas Grapefruit approx 10lb $25

-Organic Texas Orange/Ruby Red Grapefruit Combo approx 20lb $45

-Organic Texas Mixed Citrus variety box with oranges, lemons, grapefruit approx 20lb $45 

-Organic Wisconsin Maple Syrup 16oz $15


The delivery schedule is posted under the Truck Delivery Schedule tab. As we need to have a minimal reservation amount for each stop, you may be able to find a nearby town if yours is not included.


Organic Texas Navel Oranges

Organic Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit!

Organic Orange/Ruby Red Grapefruit Combo

Organic Texas Mixed Citrus Box (moved to Jan delivery)

Scrumpti Mandarins

California Sweet Navel Oranges

California Mixed Citrus Best Seller

California Yellow Grapefruit--Melogold, Oroblanco

Wisconsin Pure Maple Syrup (ORGANIC)

California Honeybell Oranges