California Red/Green Seedless Grapes

California Red/Green Seedless Grapes (Mixed Box)

A mixed box of both red and green seedless grapes! Royal Red Seedless Grapes - What beauties! If you love sweet, firm grapes, you'll want to try our Royal Red Grapes straight from California.  Sweet and juicy, Royal Red Grapes are the perfect on-the-go snack!  With health benefits galore you won't want to miss out on these - reserve yours today!  King Green Seedless Grapes - As their name suggests these are the ultimate in grapes!  Plump, sweet and absolutely delicious our King Green Seedless Grapes will quickly become a Fall favorite at The Fruit Club! Light-green, and sometimes referred to as "white grapes" these little guys pack a big nutritional punch. Firm and juicy, they are sure to be enjoyed by all! Grapes and mandarins will arrive on the same truck! Minimum reservation requirements necessary to stop in your town, otherwise you can pick up in a nearby town. Spread the word!