Farm Fresh Washington Variety Apple Box (Organic)

approx 18lb/$30.00

Farm Fresh Washington Variety Apple Box: Varieties will vary, depending on what is available at the time. No chemicals, no sprays, certified organic Washington Apples, your box may include Honeycrisp (may differ from Midwest Honeycrisp for taste and texture), Braeburn, Fuji, Golden Delicious.

Caramel apples, homemade applesauce, fresh baked apple pies - the possibilities are endless.  Make sure to stock up!


Variety Boxes: We reserve the right to substitute another fresh handpicked variety of equal or greater value when necessary. Mother nature dictates what our family farmer is able to harvest. 

Washington Apples: Our family owned and operated orchard is located in the heart of Washington apple country. When we compare fruit quality of apples grown in Washington with those grown in other areas, there are a host of factors that could influence flavor: nutrient rich soil, daytime temperatures, humidity, sunlight intensity, as well as nighttime temperatures. When you compare apples to apples they all have wonderful flavor, each in their own way!